Gaucho Park


Gaucho Park at Caesar Uyesaka Stadium

A flowing 1,500 square-foot paved plaza accompanied by a gated entrance, ADA restroom, full concessions stand, and a tribute to the ballpark’s unique history will be completed in Fall 2014. A new era for youth and the community to enjoy a day at the ball game is approaching. When Gaucho park officially opens please consider being one of the generous donors who is recognized and support Gaucho baseball’s long-term success.

Naming Areas

  • Lead Gift- Donation Secured
  • Field- $400,000
  • Main Gate Name- $100,000
  • Wall of History/Gaucho 9 Bricks (within plaza)- $1,500 each


         Wall of History/Gaucho 9 Bricks

Within the plaza will be a stand-alone wall that pays tribute to the ballpark’s history and those (Hammerheads, Caesar Uyesaka, alumni) who have been a part of baseball at UCSB since 1944.

  • A $1,500 gift ensures your name and personal message on your brick. Almost 1,000 bricks are available and each purchase directly supports Gaucho baseball.


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