MLB Support

Gaucho baseball would not be what it is today without the influence and support of our alumni and friends currently connected with Major League Baseball. Along with your generous support of the program, these individuals give UCSB a priceless connection to the Big Leagues that greatly benefits our players, coaches, and staff.

Bruce Egloff- UCSB baseball class of 1985. Former pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.

Al Ferrer- UCSB head coach from 1981-1993, compiling 445 career wins. Founder of Linea Consulting & Interpreter services to MLB.

Orrin Freeman- Former Gaucho assistant coach. Special assistant to the General Manager of the Miami Marlins.

Tom Gamboa- UCSB baseball class of 1968. Former 3rd base coach for the Chicago Cubs and bench coach for the Kansas City Royals.

Bill Geivett- UCSB baseball class of 1987. Sr. Vice President – Scouting & Player Development/Assistant General Manager of the Colorado Rockies.

Pat Graham- Former Gaucho parent and donor. Minority owner of the San Diego Padres.

Erik Johnson- UCSB baseball class of 1987. Former infielder for the San Francisco Giants.

Damon Jones- UCSB baseball class of 1993. Vice President and general counsel of the Washington Nationals.

Joe Kmak- UCSB baseball class of 1984. Former catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs.

Ken Korach- UCSB class of 1975. Current radio play-by-play announcer for the Oakland Athletics.

Mark Leonard- UCSB baseball class of 1985. Former outfielder the the San Francisco Giants and Baltimore Orioles.

Tom Myers- UCSB baseball class of 1991 and former Gaucho pitching coach. Scout for the Chicago Cubs.

Joe Redfield- UCSB baseball class of 1981. Former infielder for the California Angels and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Travis Rodgers- UCSB baseball class of 1994. Host of “The Travis Rodgers Show” on Angels radio AM 830 in Los Angeles.

Ron Roenicke- Former Gaucho parent and donor. Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Skip Schumaker- UCSB baseball class of 2001. Utility player for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Member of the St. Louis Cardinals 2011 World Series Champion team.

Chris Speier- UCSB baseball class of 1969. 17 year major league veteran. Current bench coach for the Cincinnati Reds.

Ryan Spilborghs- UCSB baseball class of 2002. Former outfielder for the Colorado Rockies.

Brian Tracy- UCSB baseball class of 2007. Scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Jim Tracy- Former Gaucho parent and donor. Former manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Colorado Rockies.

Chris Valaika- UCSB baseball class of 2006. Infielder for the Miami Marlins.

Virgil Vasquez- UCSB baseball class of 2003. Former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Dave Walsh-  UCSB baseball class of 1981. Former pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Stefan Wever- UCSB baseball class of 1978. Former pitcher for the New York Yankees.

Michael Young- UCSB baseball class of 1997. Infielder for the Philadelphia Phillies. Five time MLB All-Star and 2006 All-Star game MVP. Former MLB “Man of the Year.” Member of the Texas Rangers 2010 and 2011 American League Champion teams.

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